5.56X45MM 77GR HP OTM NB (20) TA88-0178

Warning This is a high pressure load and is only intended for 5.56 rifles.

20 pcs 5.56 x 45 77gr HPBT MATCH  loaded ammunition
20 rounds of New LC head stamped brass
Factory New loaded to 2750 fps.
Newly manufactured
FFL Licensed manufacturer
Nosler 77gr HPBT “MATCH” custom competition bullets with cannelure.
Reloadable brass

Compair to Black Hills 77gr OTM Match MK262 ammunition

By purchasing this product, you certify that you are at least 18 years of age for rifle ammunition,  21 years of age for pistol ammunition and you are legally allowed by state and/or federal laws to possess and/or purchase this item.


Black Hills and MK262 are registered trade marks of Black Hills Ammunition co.

5.56X45MM 77GR HP OTM NB (20) TA88-0178
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